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Frequently asked questions


Our services

Onboarding and campaigns

What does an onboarding session look like?

This a 2-hour workshop where we identify what kind of company you are, what you are offering and who your ideal client is.


We make sure that your LinkedIn profile matches with what your company stands for (header image, profile photo, summary, contact information). 

What will be discussed in the weekly video calls?

During this call the current campaigns will be discussed and if needed we will identify possible optimisations. We refine the selection of the target group and/or we adjust the messages of the campaign. 

What is included in the performance report?

We provide an overview of the number of sent connection requests and follow up messages to an accepted connection. We also give you a report on all the dialogues that came out of the campaign. With dialogues we refer to actual responses from people that showed a genuine interest in your company's services or products. 

What do you mean with sending connection requests to a list of existing customers?

We expand your customer list with the matching LinkedIn profile url so we can also target these people with a campaign. 

What is a messenger campaign?

This is a campaign that will sending out automated messages to your 1st degree network on LinkedIn or to your existing customers. 

What do we mean with content creation?

A journalist will conduct an interview with someone at your company and an article based on this interview will be created. This article will be used in the LinkedIn campaign and/or we publish it as a blog. 

What do we mean with LinkedIn messages?

Our content creators will write LinkedIn messages for you based on the written blog articles so this can be published on your LinkedIn company page. You can then also share this messages on your own profile or add a comment. 

Our software


What is Joobi?

Joobi is an app in the cloud that enables you to run LinkedIn automation campaigns. It's an omni-channel approach to contact people that match your ideal customer profile. With features such as granular targeting, prospect sequencing and A/B-testing, you can set up a campaign and generate your first results in the first 24 hours. 

What is a connection request?
Your invitation or connection request is the start of a relation with someone on LinkedIn. Personalising this first message is really import because it's your first impression and will determine whether they allow you to start a conversation with them. Using Joobi these automated connection request can be sent to people that match your criteria.
What is a follow-up message?

These are all the messages that will ben sent after someone accepted your connection request. Joobi will sent these messages fully automated and from your name. 

The copywriting of all these messages are included in our LARGE subscription. 

What is LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

Sales Navigator is LinkedIn's social selling platform. It offers a vast list of features to reach out to the right prospect manually. 

Joobi requires you to have a Sales Navigator license. 

What is the LinkedIn SSI or Social Selling Index?

The LinkedIn Social Selling Index, also known as SSI, is a unique metric provided by LinkedIn that determines your profile’s rank and measures how effective your social selling efforts are. If you correctly use this index and optimize your LinkedIn profile and the outreaching campaigns are of high quality, better results and a higher reach is expected. 

Our collaboration

Pricing and ordering

Can we cancel on a monthly basis?

Yes, it is cancelable on a monthly basis. To achieve quality results, a 3-month campaign is recommended to truly make a difference.

The 6 months package is cancelable on quarterly basis.

What software licenses are included?

The Joobi license is not included at €99 per LinkedIn profile per month.

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator license is not included

When are payments expected?

We start the campaign when we receive the payment for the first month. Then at the start of every new month we send you a new invoice. 

Can't I buy the Joobi license without the campaign services?

Yes you can! for €99 per month and individual profile, but we have experienced that if we only sell the license, the expected results are not achieved. The onboarding, content creation and our campaign setup increase your campaign performance significantly

Starting from the 3rd license you can purchase Joobi without the onboarding and campaigns services. 

Do I need LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

Yes, you do. To select your target audience properly, you need a Sales Navigator license.