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5 appointments through LinkedIn campaigns.

More engagement and appointments on LinkedIn within 48 hours.

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Why Joobi?

Why Joobi?

Joobi ensures a fast and consistent stream of leads and appointments via LinkedIn campaigns.

For who does joobi add value?

For all businesses and entrepeneurs that want to reach their target group via LinkedIn.


You aim for qualitative leads and appointments.

HR professionals

You regularly have open vacancies.

Growth hackers

You are looking for the smartest way to reach your target group.


You aim to recruit talented employees for your target group.


You aim for exponential growth.


You sell lead generation services to B2B businesses.

Digital Future

Which results do you ensure With Joobi?

New leads, appointments, enlargement of your network and thought leadership. See our prices here.

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How do we ensure this?

Through the creation and automation of LinkedIn campaigns.

We start with a strategy session. Onboarding - determining the target group - content creation - instalment of the software and campaigns - launch the actual campaign. And follow up by phone for schedule appointments in your agenda.

The benefits

More leads, a faster growth rate, saving time, increased brand awareness, unburdening of sales and a schedule filled with appointments via LinkedIn campaigns.

LinkedIn contacts
Years of experience
+ Clients
A enthusiastic client

Nexyz had their lead generation campaigns set up through Joobi.

"Joobi's effectiveness has outreached our expectations with the amount of new appointments and clients it provided."

"The guidance throughout the campaign was very adequate and solution-oriented. With the use of Joobi we were able to track the progress of the campaign carefully."

Rein Hoogland
Managing Partner - Nexyz
What is the next step?

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